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Your family and your business’s safety and security are of upmost importance to us at Advanced Antenna & Security. To help you keep an eye on your property, we install quality CCTV systems in Adelaide. Whether you want to monitor your home or business, keep an eye on the kids in the pool or see what’s going on in your driveway, we have best CCTV Cameras Adelaide and security cameras Adelaide a system for you.

There are many benefits of installing quality CCTV cameras in Adelaide. Firstly, a CCTV system installed in conjunction with an alarm system will give you the flexibility of checking the premises remotely if there has been an alarm activation. Secondly, you gan peace of mind knowing that anytime of the day or night, with a quick glance at your monitor you can see what’s going on. Or you can simply log on to see what’s happening. Lastly, the simple presence of CCTV Adelaide systems deter intruders.

Our CCTV Cameras in Adelaide

Our closed circuit camera systems only use HD colour infrared cameras. These cameras illuminate the area covered at night, allowing you to see what’s going on even in total darkness. The cameras are connected to a digital video recorder and record 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We connect the recording to the internet so you can view the streams live from your work, your smartphone or any computer anywhere in the world.

Our CCTV systems in Adelaide

Prices start from $1295 installed. This includes 2 HD colour infrared cameras, 1TB DVR with network card and a 19” LCD monitor. If you are interested in finding out more about our antenna installation Adelaide and CCTV systems in Adelaide, please call us today for your obligation free quote on 0417 868 103.

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